My Word for 2015

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My word for 2015 is SHED.


Not the noun; the verb.

Get rid.

Of a lot.

I looked at what the dictionary says. There are actually several definitions of SHED, but this one resonated with me the most:

2shed:  to rid oneself of, temporarily or permanently, as superfluous or unwanted <shed her inhibitions> <the company shed 100 jobs>

Origin of SHED: Middle English, to divide, separate, from Old English scēadan; akin to Old High German skeidan to separate, Latin scindere to split, cleave, Greek schizein to split.

So many different definitions for such a simple word. Shed. And I never knew that the origin of the word was based more in the idea of splitting or separating things, as opposed to just getting rid of something.

But it makes sense — we have to separate the wheat from the chaff in life, don’t we? The high-quality relationships, endeavors and lifestyle choices from the low-quality ones; the best from the mediocre; the eternal from the superficial/worldly. Shed shed shed.

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So I started a list of the things I want and need to shed this year:

Shed weight.

Shed expenses and debt.

Shed unnecessary responsibilities & involvements.

Shed stuff — so, so much stuff.

Shed complaining & negativity.

Shed friends/acquaintances that don’t bring out the best in me.

Interestingly enough, as I started making this list on my phone, auto-spell kept wanting to turn “shed” into “she’d” — and isn’t that just like me? Like so many of us women?


She would, yes!

Yes, of course she’ll do it! Put more on her plate, sure!

She can’t say no.

Curse auto-spell!

That one little apostrophe of difference reminded me how easy it is for us to get distracted and off-course without realizing it. We forget to be intentional about our own lives and needs. And shedding is definitely something that only happens when we are intentional about it. Nothing on the bolded list above can happen by itself.

Also, the idea of shedding often has an oppressive connotation, such as shedding blood or shedding tears. But in looking at most of the meanings of shed, I see a great positive, like the shedding of dead skin — an opportunity to detoxify my life from at least some of the things that inhibit my health, growth, freedom and joy.

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 3.57.59 PM

So this year I truly hope that we all shed what we don’t need, what’s not good for us, or what has outlasted its purpose in our lives.



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