Tomorrow, Tomorrow…


Like most pre-teen girls across the nation, my girls are obsessed with the Sony Pictures  remake of “Annie” right now. A fine and creatively updated production, by the way. (Yes, they’ve seen the original and like the new one better; next is the stage version — we’ll see what they think of the real thing).

The girls love all the songs, but of course my 1980’s childhood is back in full swing with their obsession with “Tomorrow.”  Probably five million girls will sing “Tomorrow” for talent shows around the country this year, or sing along with the soundtrack in their rooms bouncing on their bed the next few months. (I’m more of a “Maybe” and “I Don’t Need Anything But You” gal, now, myself).

But of course, “Tomorrow” has quite a different meaning for an adult than it does for a kid.  It doesn’t always mean a new hope — it more often means we have to finally deal with all the stuff we’ve put off. The stack of unopened mail, the bills waiting to be paid, the dirty dishes, or unwashed/unfolded laundry.

Case in point: when my dad saw my particularly horrid laundry pile earlier this week, he said, “You have to put this on your blog!”

I laughed, sort of.

He said:

“You can title the photo: “What I will always do tomorrow because of my dedication to writing”!

So here it is:


“What I will always do tomorrow because of my dedication to writing.”

Yes, when we have a passion we’re pursuing, whether writing or community service or something else, the mundane often has to wait: the chores, the administrative, the organizing. We have to do these things eventually — they are necessary — but we don’t want to spend our primary energy on them. (See my blog post So it all goes in the ‘tomorrow’ file: always a day away.

And as a result, the feeling of ‘being done with everything on our list’ will always remain elusive, as long as we postpone.

However, I’d be more concerned and regretful if we kept postponing the most important things in life: the spiritual growth, the creativity (writing or your chosen art), the relationships — only to find that our time is up and we missed the most meaningful things this life offers.

So my hope is that each of us, in all the ‘tomorrows’ of 2015, may find a balance between getting the ‘big picture’ things done while getting the ‘smaller picture’ things done too.

On another note, tomorrow finally came: I’ve since done my laundry. And the mail. And the dishes. And it felt good.



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