Lessons from a Great City


We were in San Francisco for meetings and a speaking engagement this weekend. Then my husband and I took an extra day to just relax, something long overdue for us (thanks to some angel babysitting by my folks). It was a breath of fresh air and a much-needed break during a pretty stressful time.  A little Valentine’s Day dinner, a little sleeping in, a little walking and exploring. Heaven.

photo 1-3

But seeing the city I love — perhaps as much as my own hometown, since San Francisco was also home for me at one time — did two things for me this weekend.


It reminded me of the old days (favorite streets and bookstores) and also gave me new vistas and ideas to explore. New SoMa spots to eat and grab a coffee or tea that I hadn’t seen before. Huge swaths of new lofts near Yerba Buena. Candlestick Park being demolished (!!)

A great city does that, much like a great book or a great human being — when you spend more time revisiting it, you notice or learn things you didn’t see before.

photo 1-4

Seeing a place full of such tremendous memories was freeing. Roaming the city this time…

-Provided a reprieve and rest during an overwhelming season of life.

-Reminded me of some of the things in my life that I have neglected.

-Gave me new ideas about how to handle some situations I’m currently in.

-Provided me the mental space to rethink and redirect my approach to some of my writing projects.

-Put life and work in a bit more perspective and reminded me that God is, thankfully, bigger than I am, bigger than my imperfections or circumstances.

Needless to say, I’ve been taking many notes since returning. The juices are flowing. And I hope I never stop remembering these lessons from a great city.

Any lessons you’ve learned lately from revisiting a favorite place? Share them with me.


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