Done with Year One!

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This week is the first anniversary of my blog, Musings from a Writer, Director & Encourager.

Like with most meaningful things in life, I can’t believe it went so fast and yet it seemed like forever ago when I started. Perhaps that’s because I learned so much, grew so much and found my view of the writing life expanded so much – just when I thought I had it down.

But we never really ‘have it down,’ do we? Not if we hope to keep evolving and refining our craft, our character, our soul. There is always more to engage in, more to submit to, more to discover — and reveal.


Here’s what I learned this past year, among other things:

  1. Blogging kept the writing muscle active. Knowing that I had to contribute a piece to the blog weekly kept my mind engaged in possible ideas, note-taking, interviewing, and attention to other blogs I respect and enjoy. It kept me writing consistently — which is no small thing for me!
  2. Blogging enabled others to learn more about me and helped me learn about others. Although it seemed self-serving at first to talk about my projects, or things I was learning, my blogging started a rapport and exchange with others that I wouldn’t otherwise have experienced. It definitely enabled me to learn from and focus on others’ work and insights, as well as share my own.
  3. Blogging forced me to articulate my honest feelings about issues in my life and writing that I care deeply about. You can only fake things for so long. People will stop reading, conversing, befriending someone who is or remains ingenuine. Early on in the blog, I had to decide to be honest and put it all out there, instead of dancing around a topic. In my doing so, many of you opened up to me as well, which I truly appreciate.
  4. Blogging led to other opportunities: interviews, shared blog posts, hosting tours and getting reviewed, and finding out about resources I never would have, otherwise. It also led to my winning Best Blog – Third Place from the Rave Reviews Book Club in 2014 — based on votes from the blogging community — a huge honor given that this was only my first year!
  5. Blogging gave me a platform to promote — and refine — my other projects, thanks to your comments and feedback. And that platform keeps me on my toes to continue providing updates and accountability to my audience — there’s no slacking off once you put a project out there!

And there is more to come. I can’t wait for what the second year has in store.

What has blogging (or reading blogs) taught you? Anything you’ve gotten out of this blog in the past year? Any advice for this one-year-old baby? Suggestions for year two? I always love to hear from you.



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