Something about Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day.

It’s our day to rest, right? Our day to do NOTHING, yes?

Relax MGD©

But invariably, we find ourselves doing something.

Cleaning, emailing, calling, blogging — something.

Something for – whom?

The kids still need something. There’s school tomorrow.

Hubby’s going on a business trip tomorrow, too? He still needs something.

But at least, today, unlike most days, I remember and remind others that I need something too.

And that something is to do nothing. Right?


Perhaps on this special day, when my family makes or gets me beautiful cards, flowers and meals, I forget the other times of the year when things are frustrating, and I realize that there is something even more special than doing nothing:

Doing something as a family. Even if it’s doing ‘nothing’ as a family. Doing anything with the ones we love — that’s the best gift of all.

So today:

I got a delicious breakfast smoothie in bed delivered by my daughters (true, I awoke to downstairs sounds of the blender, though we adults were upstairs).

We had a delicious breakfast with our parents, complete with memorable sharing and fun.

Afterwards, we had a relaxing day, ALL day, which we rarely do. That was the “nothing” I needed.

Our girls gave me special cards, poems and crafts they made in school.

We also had cozy phone calls with our loved ones across the country — including my sister on her First Mother’s Day with my baby niece.

And finally, my nine-year old daughter, saving up money from chores, decided to treat us to dinner at Souplantation. All by herself, so proudly and lovingly. One of the best meals I ever had.


So, as Mother’s Day 2015 comes to a close, I realize that this Mother’s Day, like every other day we are given on this earth, was truly something.


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