LIVING Thanks, Not Just GIVING Thanks


I’d like to think of gratitude this Thanksgiving in terms of LIVING thanks, not just GIVING thanks. Of course saying we’re thankful is important to reinforce our gratitude and make it even more real. But our lives can far surpass that.

Here are six ways to deeper thankfulness:


TRUST that God will provide for your needs. Maybe not all we think we want, but certainly what we need will come.


HONOR God and loved ones in all you do. With what my husband calls “your time and treasure.” What I call “your calendar and checkbook.” Those are the indicators of what we truly value.


ASK for help and wisdom – don’t go it alone. Even if you ‘get through’ alone, it doesn’t mean you had the best possible experience and gain.


NEVER fear – it helps nothing, encourages no one and keeps us from fully loving and living.


KNOW that you will be okay. How can you know? Keep track of all the things you’re thankful for, all the ways God has blessed you or answered your prayers — in a journal, a note on the cellphone, or a Word file. Then on tough days go back, read it and be reminded.


SIMPLIFY your life. The more our lives focus on what matters most, the more we’ll see the blessings. The more we allow distractions to pervade our minds and schedules, the fewer blessings we’ll see. Time to let them go.

Happy Thanksgiving. Onward!



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