Coming Full Circle


My final post of 2015 ushers in the new year by reflecting on a bit of a guilty pleasure for many of us: Downton Abbey.

I admit – I came a bit late to the Downton Abbey party (Season Three), but I promptly caught up and was sold hook, line and sinker ever after.

So much so, that I subscribed to a European online service similar to Netflix to watch the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey the last few months, when it aired in the UK. Downton ended with the series finale this past Christmas night (the 26th on Pacific Standard Time).  I just couldn’t wait until it aired properly in the US, beginning this January 3.

So, yes: I know what happens this season, and I will keep my mouth shut. That is, unless you want to bribe me with Starbucks gift cards…

I’ll just say that it was beautifully done and leave it at that. Our beloved characters (and creator Julian Fellowes) do not disappoint.

But I’m not blogging to gloat or taunt. Instead, I wrote this post to celebrate something else:

Seeing the series come full circle, with all its threads interwoven together so wonderfully, reminded me of the ways that we can also come full circle as writers and people.

  • We don’t just end where we began – we hopefully keep moving farther on, while always resonating with where we’ve been.
  • It’s all right if some things are not resolved in our lives.  In television/writing and in reality, the best lives are not necessarily buttoned up to perfection. They are wayward and messy – and all the more beautiful for it.
  • When life clearly beckons us to move in a new direction, both the letting go of hangups and the embracing of the new venture have to be complete, wholehearted. Otherwise the next chapter will not be all it is meant to be, and we will not experience all the growth and satisfaction intended for us.
  • Our lives are interconnected in more ways than we realize. We were not meant to go it alone, and supporting each other makes all the difference in understanding all that happens to us, whether our highest highs or lowest lows.
  • Choose, always, to love, love, love. And to do it boldly. We will never, ever regret it.

Onward to 2016!





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