Find Joy

It’s a pleasure to introduce freelance writer Yvette K. Harpootian to my blog.  I thank her for writing a guest post today about finding joy — and for being such a remarkable influence in my life.



Thank you, Lisa, for inviting me to contribute to your insightful blog!

In this entry, I encourage you to know, find and live joy, both in your creative and daily life. To some that may be simple; to others it could be a real challenge. How often do stress, frustration and worry take over our day? We have deadlines to meet; we get impatient with the traffic. We worry about finances, get busy with our children, are hurt because a friend was inconsiderate; we rush from appointment to appointment and end up being grumpy, stressed, frustrated, preoccupied, and upset. These feelings monopolize and consume our being more than we realize. I challenge you to get rid of those roadblocks that can interrupt joy, and find joy in the midst of the stress, disappointments and pain of life.


In order to be aware of joy, it helps for us to be rested. Everything looks bleaker when we are overtired. Also, eating healthy, not skipping meals, drinking enough water, and exercising, all are important for a healthy, receptive state of mind. Build in some quiet or alone time during the day. Be still. No music, talking, emails, Facebook, texts, Twitter. Quiet. Whether laying down for five minutes, enjoying peace in the car, or meditating/taking a yoga class, the quiet will center and calm you, making you more receptive to joy.

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