Vacation – from Writing?


We’re going on a much-needed vacation this week — when you read this I’ll hopefully be having a mai-tai.

My husband suggested we go — and he NEVER does that. Hearing him say this told me how much he and I and the girls needed a break. And, working my magic, doing my graduate work in mileage, hotel and timeshare points, I made it happen pretty much entirely on those credits. With the busy, stressful year we’ve had, we’ve earned it! Right? Right.

So I’m just going to relax, right? Just sit by the pool and the beach, right?


So I’m not bringing my notebook or laptop, right? Not going to do any writing, right?



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Stories in Storage, (Re)discovered

storage2 Among other summer projects, I’m revising a script I’ve been working on for years and years — in between other projects and life events, of course, but longer than any other.

I first conceived of it 30 years ago, as a teenager.  I outlined it that year and drafted it as a screenplay five years later, in college.  After graduation, I decided to re-write it as a television miniseries. Since then I’ve written it as a novel (currently under editorial review) and have re-written the miniseries countless times (including a current rewrite I just submitted to an industry professional this week). I have outlined and drafted two sequels.

We all have a project we don’t want to give up on — but we still wonder what the heck is ever going to happen with it.

Taking a break from a few writing deadlines this past week, I visited our storage space over the weekend to do some overdue summer purging of ‘stuff’ in general — yes, I’m ashamed to say we have a storage space for endless old files, supplies, decorations, tools, and household items.

It’s also where I keep a lot of old writing drafts, manuscripts and notes.  Some of the papers I uncovered this weekend were of outlines and ideas I had completely forgotten about — and I was excited to think about their possibilities going forward.

Then I found something else.

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