The Journey of An Idea


It’s now been exactly 30 years since I got a story idea that still occupies much of my creative heart. I wrote this blog post to show how long it sometimes takes for a story to reach its moment, its fullest potential, and how to never give up.

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Why I Keep Giving Up and Coming Back Again


I know I’m not alone, fellow writers. Recognize any of these?


1. It’ll never happen.

2. If it was meant to be, it would have happened by now.

3. Look how much farther so-and-so has gotten.

4. He/she writes so much better than I do.

5. I write so much better than he/she does – why are they more successful?

6. I’ll never be famous or get to those awards shows.

7. It’ll never be as I imagined.

8. I’m just going to give up. There’s no point.

9. It’s too late.

10. I’ve lost my voice.


There are those days when the glass is half-empty, where everyone else is doing it right and you are doing it wrong, or at least not good enough. No matter what your creative goal is — first publication or production, or second or tenth, or ramping up your craft and career — there are days you just want to give up.

What is the answer?

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