Go There.


If there’s a place that has inspired you in the past — to write a specific story, or to revel in a great life experience, a place where you somehow feel free and most yourself, a place that you always come away from refreshed, better than you were before, then guess what?

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Vacation – from Writing?


We’re going on a much-needed vacation this week — when you read this I’ll hopefully be having a mai-tai.

My husband suggested we go — and he NEVER does that. Hearing him say this told me how much he and I and the girls needed a break. And, working my magic, doing my graduate work in mileage, hotel and timeshare points, I made it happen pretty much entirely on those credits. With the busy, stressful year we’ve had, we’ve earned it! Right? Right.

So I’m just going to relax, right? Just sit by the pool and the beach, right?


So I’m not bringing my notebook or laptop, right? Not going to do any writing, right?



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