Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes
Welcome to the first ever ALL ABOUT THE SPONSORS BLOG HOP!  These kind members of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC) donated their support during the 2017 conference, in the way of gift card and Kindle e-book donations for our Gift Basket Raffle. They supported us and now we are showing our support of them by pushing their book(s).  
We ask that you pick up a copy of the title listed and after reading it, leave a review.  There are several books on tour today, so please visit the HOP’S main page to follow along.  
Also, for every comment that you leave along this tour, including on the HOP’S main page, your name will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card to be awarded at the end of the tour!
The epic love story begins here!
A hot Texas summer, dim-lit honky-tonk bars, a young naïve fledgling go-go dancer and a wild rebel Texas musician set the stage for this story.
1970 in Abilene, Texas finds young Darlina Flowers trying to figure out how to fit into the world she is most attracted to – the nightlife, live music and go-go dancing. Luke Stone, a veteran Texas Musician believes he’s lost all reason to care about his music career, his health and most especially his heart. A chance meeting with Darlina changes everything. But, is it too late? Has fate already determined the outcome? Join Luke and Darlina on a passion-filled journey up and down Texas roads while Luke and his band entertain crowds along the way.Can Darlina Flowers ever hope to fit in to this strange new world and even more important, can she trust Luke Stone with her heart?

Luke Stone, a good man who has made a career of bad decisions, falls as completely in love with Darlina as she does with him. But is it too late?

Will their eternal unyielding love survive the test of time, distance and iron bars?


This blog hop sponsored by:  4WillsPublishing
Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes
This blog hop sponsored by:  4WillsPublishing


  1. Jan I got your book but just have to find the time to read it. Have to move it up on my TBR list because its got my interest – again. Congratulations!

    I love your blog Lisa. Thank you for showcasing Jan.

  2. I have read this book. If you haven’t read it yet, it should be added to your “must read” list. Jan writes compelling love stories. Thanks Lisa for hosting this blog hop. I had not met you before this hop. You have an interesting profile.

  3. This book is WAY too far down on my TBR list! Lol Jan, I have a couple of the books in the series, and I’m really looking forward to reading them. 😀
    Lisa, thanks for hosting Jan’s stop on this beautiful Tuesday.

  4. This book is on my Kindle and working its way up to the top of my TBR. I’ve read one of Jan’s other books and looking forward to reading about the beginning of their love story.

  5. This is the beginning of a beautifully real love story. I loved this series and need to go back and read the new verison of Floers and Stone. Enjoy your day Jan!

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