RRBC: The Gift for Writers that Keeps on Giving

This month’s issue of The #RRBC Pipeline Magazine (https://therrbcpipeline.wordpress.com/browse-the-magazine/) has, like the many issues before it, is chock-full of advice, encouragement, opportunities, features and more. As I’ve posted elsewhere, the magazine itself is worth the entire annual RRBC membership fee! Actually, it’s hard to even put a price tag on the RRBC membership and experience because it’s THE GIFT FOR WRITERS THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.

There is so much to RRBC and its members, contents and insights. And just when you think you have it all down, they give you more, and more. Kind of like….some mothers! They give more than they ever expect to get in return. RRBC is truly a gift and we as members are still discovering and re-discovering anew, all that there is to be learned and gained from the organization — and from each other.

As I was looking at the magazine, I noticed that they were featuring my blog as well — something I did not expect and was so honored to discover. So, thank you for visiting! Truly, we could never reciprocate all that RRBC does for its members. But we can try!!

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all — and thank you all for all you give to RRBC, to your families and loved ones, and to the craft of writing! Onward!

P. S. Please Visit My RRBC Author Page! https://ravereviewsbookclub.wordpress.com/about-lisa-kirazian-kirazian-rrbc-rwisa/


6 thoughts on “RRBC: The Gift for Writers that Keeps on Giving

  1. I’m hoping to get around to reading it this week, Lisa! I’m always in awe of the plethora of information within its digital pages. Congrats on your mention! 🙂

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